My name is Kristin and I'm the owner and baker for 3 Bees Bakeshop & Supply! (formerly Kristin’s Sweet Treats). 

I should start by explaining how I got here and my decision to change my business name. 

Kristin’s Sweet Treats was the product of being on maternity leave, covid, and wanting an outlet to show my baking in a separate place than my personal social media. I’ve always been fascinated by baking, and the science behind it. I love to experiment with new flavours and new recipes. I’m much more of a sweet than savory person as well! My new rebranded name come from my married last name (Hives) and the 3 represents myself, my husband and our almost 2 year old daughter!

I really didn’t expect things to take off as they have! I started doing orders on a pretty consistent basis for treat boxes and different types of cookies. Then I started trialing out decorated sugar cookies and I was hooked! Every set has been so much fun to do, and I learn more and more each time I do another set. I love the creative outlet it provides and the creative freedom my customers give me.

One of my favourite moments in the past few years, is my first repeat customer. I can’t even describe how thrilling it is, for someone to be planning a celebration, and they think of you. To make that kind of impact, it’s a huge compliment! 

I’m hoping to continue these blog posts around 1-2x a month to include updates, new products/treats, things to look forward to, and more! If you want to make sure you see all my blog posts and updates, you can subscribe to my e-mail newsletter for exclusive deals, sneak peaks, and to stay up to date on our latest news!

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